Mysterious leak in Avacha Bay in 2020
Unknown source of contamination

The "eco-radar" monitoring network of reservoirs will allow to determine the source of the disaster.

Who is guilty?

Experts found oil products and phenol in the coastal waters off the Khalaktyrsky beach in the Kamchatka Territory. Signs of pollution have been identified in three more areas of the Avacha Bay, TASS writes . Marine inhabitants died, people who were in the sea and on the shore complain of feeling unwell.

Surfers complained of red eyes after swimming and feeling unwell. Some of them were diagnosed with corneal burns.

On October 1, locals started posting photos and videos from the beach, which is littered with dead marine animals. The facts of their death were also revealed in the Bolshaya and Malaya Lagernaya bays and in the Babya bay.

“Today we swam in the hope that after the last storm the other day everything has changed for the better. But no, it only got worse: the water does not smell like the ocean, it is viscous, bitter, dirty, the fish is dead on the shore, the spotted seals behave unnaturally. Without fear, they stay on the surface for a long time, not paying attention to us and not wanting to dive into the water, ” said

On October 2, Anton Morozov, a resident of Kamchatka, posted on Instagram. On October 3, he wrote that the water had become cleaner, but the yellow impurity and foreign smell remained, and after three hours it began to tickle in the throat.

“The coast of the ocean is a poisonous yellow color, octopuses, hedgehogs, crabs, even mussels have fallen off! And these are all the inhabitants of the deep! And they're all dead!" -

writes in her Instagram account Christina Rosenberg.

On October 3, a resident of Kamchatka reported that she had come ashore to help collect dead animals for examination. After 20 minutes, her throat began to hurt and her hands itch.

Rosprirodnadzor said that they took water samples in the ocean and adjacent water bodies. The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Dmitry Kobylkin said that the results will be known on October 5.

A TASS source in the emergency services of the Far East region said that water poisoning, according to preliminary data, was caused by a leak of oil products from a commercial tanker, which was eliminated. The ownership of the vessel has not yet been established.

Representatives of the BVO stated that the Pacific Fleet has nothing to do with water pollution. The district also indicated that recently there were no major exercises at the military training grounds of Kamchatka that could affect the ecosystem.

Deputy Prime Minister, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev instructed to look into the reasons for the mass release of animals. The Investigative Committee began checking the information. Chairman of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin instructed to report on the progress of the audit. The Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fishery opened a case on violation of the economic regime. activities. The head of the Kamchatka Territory, Vladimir Solodov, promised to fire officials for hushing up the situation.

Oil spills are becoming more frequent. These disasters are often associated with the human factor, which plays an important role in production, in connection with which environmental incidents occur.
What does a fish known about the water in which he swims all his life?

— A. Einstein

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