Hurricane Ida and spills
350 US oil spills

Deployment of the "eco-radar" monitoring network for reservoirs will make it possible to detect violators in a timely manner.

Who is guilty?

According to Reuters , the country's coast guard is investigating about 350 reports of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida. Extreme weather — hurricane-force winds reaching 240 km per hour, as well as storm conditions — have damaged offshore oil platforms, as well as the onshore infrastructure of US oil and gas refineries. About 88% of offshore oil production in the region remains closed, more than 100 platforms operate without personnel. More than 1 million people in the region were left without electricity.

The US Coast Guard surveyed the coast of Louisiana looking for spills. On Sunday 5 September, an ongoing spill was identified from one offshore well. Another leak that caused a significant oil spill was stopped. A third reported case of an oil spill near a drilling platform was not confirmed by aerial surveillance and appears to have been eliminated by the company. The Coast Guard continues to study all potential sources of contamination to ensure that any risk is mitigated in the future.

The source of last week's leak in Marchand Bay remains unknown. Offshore oil company Talos Energy Inc has hired divers and a clean-up crew to clean up the oil spill in the area. According to company representatives, old pipelines damaged during the storm are to blame for the spill.

In addition, a spill was identified off the coast of Port Fourchon, Louisiana. It has declined significantly since its first sighting last week, the Coast Guard said. The field operator in the area stopped production four years ago and does not own the pipelines.

The Coast Guard also informed about the release of oil from an offshore well owned by S2 Energy, 8 km from the detected spill in Marchand Bay. The company told the Coast Guard that it had secured the wellhead and was no longer dumping oil.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality said it is working with the Coast Guard and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to require companies responsible for any spills to stop leaks and clean up contamination.

Louisiana after the hurricane
Such spills are very dangerous due to the fact that they create unfavorable environmental conditions for river and bottom inhabitants, as well as for residents of nearby settlements.
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