The Novorossiysk epic continues

Damage 350,000,000 or 4,500,000,000 rubles? The court will decide.

The "eco-radar" reservoir monitoring network will allow to determine the source of the disaster in order to monitor the situation and promptly respond to it

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) estimated the amount of damage caused to the environment as a result of an oil spill near Novorossiysk at 350 million rubles instead of 4.5 billion rubles previously calculated by Rosprirodnadzor, negotiations with the company are scheduled, Rosprirodnadzor intends to go to court. The head of Rosprirodnadzor, Svetlana Radionova, told reporters about this on Tuesday during a visit to the All-Russian Children's Center (VDC) Orlyonok.
Recall that on August 7, 2021, during the injection of oil into the Greek oil tanker Minerva Symphon, there was a volley release near Novorossiysk. The oil trail was visible from space.
"4 billion 400 million rubles [of damage] have been calculated, the company is arguing for 394 tons, wants to pay less, according to their calculations, this is about 350 million [roubles], they say approximately 50 tons. The company is reacting very slowly, we will go in court - the law is the same everywhere. We believe that what happened should not be repeated. The violator pays, the polluter is obliged to compensate for the damage and prevent pollution. We believe that the enterprise has sufficient funds to carry out its activities in accordance with the law ", - said Radionova.
She noted that, preliminary, a meeting of Rosprirodnadzor specialists with CPC representatives was scheduled for next week, which was initiated by the company. "We do nothing in silence: we will discuss, we will argue, we will talk with any company that is our supervised, but if it is guilty, we will go to court, we will seek: the company must pay - all arguments are ready," Radionova added.
 In October, the CPC press service stated that the methodology for calculating the volume of oil that got into the Black Sea is incorrect, which could lead to actual errors in calculating the amount of damage. As the company noted at the time, the difficulties with calculating the damage could be related to the peculiarities of the emergency equipment used at the time of the spill. In response to this statement, Rosprirodnadzor emphasized that the methodology for calculating the amount of damage caused to water bodies for violations of water legislation is a tool that allows mathematically determining the amount of damage to nature.
Oil spills cause great harm to the environment, marine life and ecology in general. In order to monitor and promptly respond to such incidents, environmental monitoring systems are being actively developed. One of the types of this equipment is "Eco-radar".
Link to source:  TASS and Maritime News of Russia
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