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Oil spill in Rayong province in eastern Thailand

The "eco-radar" reservoir monitoring network will allow to determine the source of the disaster in order to monitor the situation and promptly respond to it

According to RBC, in the east of Thailand in the province of Rayong, the beach was declared a disaster area due to an oil spill. On January 25, an underwater pipeline leaked. The pipeline is owned by Star Petroleum Refining Public Copany Limited (SPRC). The accident on the pipeline occurred about 20 km from the coast. The pipeline was restored in 3 hours, but during this time about 50,000 tons of oil products got into the ocean. This resulted in the formation of two oil slicks with an approximate area of ​​1 sq. km and 47 sq. km. 150 SPRC employees and 200 sailors are involved in the aftermath on the beach. 12 warships, 3 civil ships and aviation are used to contain the spill. Despite the treatment of stains with special reagents and the installation of booms, part of the oil products reached the shore.
The governor of Rayong province said that the company that made this mistake should take full responsibility. He also noted the general concern about the problem and the need to solve it in a short time.
A major oil slick is threatening Khao Laem Ya Marine National Park, home to a wealth of marine fish and birds. Also, there are large colonies of corals and thickets of sea grass.
Oil spills cause great harm to the environment, marine life and ecology in general. In order to monitor and promptly respond to such incidents, environmental monitoring systems are being actively developed. One of the types of this equipment is "Eco-radar".
Link to source: РБК