Fish in oil
Man-made ecological disaster on the Volga

Deployment of the "eco-radar" monitoring network for reservoirs will make it possible to detect violators in a timely manner.

Who is guilty?
A man-made ecological disaster on the Volga - fishermen claim that the tanker, which dumped ballast with oil products, is to blame for everything. He just took it and emptied his holds directly into the Volga, where there was - presumably - water mixed with the remains of oil products. The result is obvious - for several kilometers the water and the shore are strewn with carcasses of dead fish. This picture can be seen in the report By the way News of Nizhny Novgorod .
Such spills are very dangerous due to the fact that they create unfavorable environmental conditions for river and bottom inhabitants, as well as for residents of nearby settlements.
Eternity smells like oil.
— I.F. Letov
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