Kerosene rivers

In the suburbs there was a spill of 50 tons of kerosene

The "eco-radar" reservoir monitoring network will allow to determine the source of the disaster in order to monitor the situation and promptly respond to it

According to MOSCOW24, a kerosene release was noticed in the Muranikha River in the Moscow Region near the village of Istomikha and several nearby SNTs. Now experts are doing everything to prevent an environmental catastrophe. They clean the river, in which the concentration of oil products now exceeds 4,000 times. A slick of oil products covered an area of ​​more than 80 square meters. 

Oil spills cause great harm to the environment, marine life and ecology in general. In order to monitor and promptly respond to such incidents, environmental monitoring systems are being actively developed. One of the types of this equipment is "Eco-radar".
Link to source:  RBC
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