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Oil spill on the surface of the Sea of ​​Azov

Deployment of the "eco-radar" monitoring network for reservoirs will make it possible to detect violators in a timely manner.

Berth "Temryukmortrans"
Early in the morning, on Thursday (August 26), an oil spill occurred on the surface of the Sea of ​​Azov. Spot over the next day and a half, until the second half of Friday increased from 57 to 100 square meters. This is reported by the Kommersant newspaper .
Pollution was detected in the Temryuk area, next to the Temryukmortrans berths under construction.
Specialists of the state port control went to the place, after which the rescue tug "Valentin Podgorny" began to clean up the water area.

Information about the perpetrators and the source of contamination is not yet available.

It all started with the construction of a terminal for reloading oil products in the port of Temryuk. In total, the project provides for three stages of construction of terminal facilities necessary for receiving, storing and shipping oil products by sea. Upon reaching full capacity, the cargo turnover of the sea terminal will be 2.1 thousand tons per year.
At the first stage, two berths for light and dark oil products, as well as coastal facilities will be built. In particular, these are platforms and block containers for boom storage, standers with control points, drainage tanks, vapor recovery units and others. The length of the berthing front will be 331.7 m.
The second stage provides for dredging to create an operational water area, as well as the installation of navigational equipment. Later, this infrastructure will be transferred to federal ownership. During the third stage of construction, additional loading arms will be installed at the constructed berths, which will allow reloading any oil products.

The first phase of construction is scheduled for autumn 2021.
A bright future is only possible without oil in the sea.

— Neil R.M. Gaiman

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