Oil cocktail
Flooded fields of Kazakhstan

The deployment of the "eco-radar" monitoring network for water bodies will allow timely detection of a leak and prompt organization of measures to eliminate the consequences.

What's happened?
In the coastal waters of the Atyrau region, a black oil plume measuring approximately 2.5 km by 10 m flows out of the flooded "Pribrezhnoye" field. The field was flooded with a sharp rise in the level of the Caspian Sea more than 10 years ago. In total, more than a thousand wells were flooded on the territory of Atyrau and Mangistau.
Since the possibility of flooding this territory was not considered during the period of development and conservation, wells were closed and abandoned without proper control isolation.
Works to remove oil spills from wells of the state fund are financed from the republican budget. Liquidation of oil spills from the wells of subsoil user companies is carried out at the expense of these companies. However, Kazakhstan does not have a system for eliminating and localizing oil spills.
According to Gulmira Ismagulova, a researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science, it is necessary to form a rapid response system to oil spills in the Caspian Sea, which will perform the functions of an ambulance in order to quickly localize and eliminate oil spills. It should include two divisions: research and production and technical.
Such spills are very dangerous due to the fact that they create unfavorable environmental conditions for marine, bottom dwellers, as well as for residents of nearby settlements.
Link to source:  News agency "Expert"
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