3 year old case
Disaster in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

The Court of Appeal upheld the decision to recover 19.5 million rubles from Rosneftegaz for damage to a water body.

The mistake was costly
Three years ago, the Department of Nature of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug revealed an oil leak in Novy Urengoy at the company's industrial site. As a result, oil got into the lake. The samples taken showed an excess of hazardous substances, which were 11.5 thousand times higher than the permissible limits.
After the instructions, Rosneftegaz cleaned up the reservoir. However, according to Neftegaz.ru, after a second check, the indicators exceeded the permissible norms by 470 times. Therefore, the supervisory authority presented the enterprise with compensation for environmental damage. Initially, the amount was 25.7 million rubles, but then it was reduced to 19.5 million. The oil and gas company challenged the court's decision, but the court of appeal again upheld the department. It is reported by Rosprirodnadzor.
Rosneft. Spill location.
The most expensive mistake a company can make, both financially and environmentally, is not to think about the safety of the work being done.
Burning oil is the same as heating the stove with banknotes.
— D. I. Mendeleev
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